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Who We Are?

We are a non-profit organization working since 1999 to advance environmental and economic
sustainability and social wellbeing throughout our County through our grassroots efforts and those of
our town and city chapters and affiliates. We Collectively call ourselves the Sustainables.

What Do We Do?

We keep you informed. Our educational forums attracted 2,500 people last year to learn about
toxics, green building, green schools, electric vehicles, watersheds, climate change, affordable housing,
permaculture, community gardens and graywater programs. Our events are often shown on public
access television. Through our newsletters and website you can find out about upcoming events and
information on issues. Our knowledgeable volunteers are requested for speaking engagements.

We speak up for you. The Sustainables show up night after night, month after month, at town
council and board of supervisors meetings to advocate for sustainability. Our opinions are respected
by government agencies and we often provide citizen input when new ordinances that deal with
sustainability are being developed or approved. (photo of someone speaking before council)

We are your neighbors. You will find us serving on citizen commissions, town councils and advisory
panels where we help create initiatives like the San Rafael Climate Change Action Plan, now a model
for our County.

We have fun! We pioneer ways to get people involved. For instance, the Sustainables hosted a
countywide climate change “beach party” attracting people to a downtown San Rafael Street that
will be under water with one-meter rise in sea level. Over 100 people showed up including teens
wearing bikinis and elders in wetsuits holding ‘Climate Action Now’ signs. (350 event photo)

We collaborate with other nonprofits, public officials, business organizations and the larger
community to help Marin residents decrease their current ecological footprint of 27 acres per capita to
be more in line with the 4 to 5 acres which is considered necessary worldwide for true sustainability.
We can help you!

What Can You Do?

Join Sustainable Marin and get involved. – Your tax-deductible contribution will support our
grassroots efforts around the County. We welcome your ideas, your passion and your support. Join us
and become a Sustainable!

By joining Sustainable Marin we also automatically connect you with the local chapter or affiliate
where you live. Currently that’s San Rafael, Novato, Fairfax, San Anselmo, Mill Valley and West Marin.

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